About Us

What is The Rushey Green Community Group?

Community First is an England-wide programme, funded by the Office for Civil Society, on behalf of the Government. It will run for four years, until March 2015. Two funds of money, worth £80m, have been created to help communities come together, become more resilient, and make their local area a better place to live.

Neighbourhood Match Fund: A £30m fund to encourage people to give time and expertise to local projects. The funds will be distributed to 600 areas acrossEngland, which have been selected by CDF according to several criteria.

Community First Panels: Each of the 600 areas will have their own panel, comprised of local people to represent their community. They will be involved in creating a plan for the local area, raising awareness of the funds, and planning how they will match and spend the money.

 What does this mean for you?

Rushey Green has been selected as one of the 600 areas to receive Community First funding.

A Community First panel has been set up in your area, made up of local people. Their contact details can be found on the back of this leaflet. Get in touch to find out more or get involved.

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