What we’ve funded

Full List of Funded programmes is available here:

What we have funded

Here are some examples of programmes which have been successful in receiving funding from CDF via Rushey Green Community Projects

Multiple Sclerosis Society: Lewisham

The project supports disabled people, their family and carers in living full and active lives.

This project will enable us to run more activities and increase the level of support that we can offer people at our social events.

The Project will empowers people with MS and their family and carers to have a greater say and advocate for their needs in their local community. Including working with Health and Social Care providers, incl Neurology Unit within the Ward, and Social Services also based in the ward.

Lewisham Youth Theatre

The Senior Youth Theatre performance project will engage young people at all stages of creating and performing a new play, written for and based on the experiences of Lewisham young people.  Through drama workshops, young people will be involved ininterviewing and choosing a professional playwright to commission and helping to develop ideas for the new play.  They will work with the playwright and two directors to rehearse the play, which they will then perform at the Broadway Theatre in Rushey Green.

The project aims to help participants gain confidence and key social skills linked to success in employment and education, including teamwork, communication and emotional literacy.  By empowering the voices of young people at every stage of the process, the project aims to build participants’ responsibility and strengthen their ability to voice their opinions positively.

Ladywell Fields South Residents Association

The project will establish a group of volunteers that will form a community group looking at advocating in the best interest of local residents and local amenity users.

It will facilitate two way dialogue around issues of importance to people living and/or using services within this sub ward district.

Rushey Green Time Bank


Youth Aid

A year long programme aimed at developing a cohort of young people in the Rushey Green area to become effective participants in planning consultations on developments in the ward. This would include the Catford Broadway, Milford Towers and Catford Island developments.

The programme will run over 10 monthly sessions and a day long field trip, supported through out by Planning Aid for London and volunteer town planners. It will train the young people to become conversant and fluent in planning ideas, issues and concepts, as well as techniques of sharing this knowledge to others. This knowledge, understanding and confidence in talking about planning issues will enable them to both effectively contribute themselves to consultations, and enable other young people to become aware of the impact and to contribute. This will ensure that the young people of Rushey Green will have an articulate voice in the development of their area.

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