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The Rushey Green Community Project programme is a MATCH FUNDING programme so operates a little differently to other types of grants

We can either match the value of cash or materials donated to your project or we can match fund the volunteering hours that are donated to you. We value volunteers as a core resource – so for every hour each volunteer, that they donate we will match fund your project with £11.09

Rushey Green Pensioners Tea Party – Example

Funding Stream: Activities for older people

Context: Rushey Green has a number of isolated pensioners who find it difficult getting out during the winter due to the cold. There has been a few incidents recently around gangs from other areas coming into Rushey Green and this has added to the problem. A Rushey Green church leader decides that they want to do something about it, and they apply to hold a tea-party at the Town Hall.

The Church leader decides they want to hold it in mid-December, meaning that they have from April to mid-December to get everything in place. They approach Lewisham’s Pensioners Forum and ask for volunteers, as well as the local youth council programme, and 5 volunteers come together to make a steering group. The five volunteers meet 2hrs a month for 8 months. Outside of this they all do an extra hour of volunteering calling and emailing  to get things sorted.

On the day of the event the tea party lasted 4hrs and everyone has a great time, but for it to be a success 10 people had to volunteer to help host the event, serving teas and coffees and running activities. Setting up took 3 people 90mins and clearing up took 4 people 1hr.

The local business forum decides that the project is a really great activity that will unite the generations and also give Lewisham’s Pensioner community to stay out later and shop! To help the project along they donate £500 towards room hire.
A baker who trades on Catford Broadway Market wants to donate a sticky bun to everyone. They sell at 60p each and their will be 100 attendees.

How Match Fund works in this Example

Steering Group meeting: 5 volunteers x 2hrs x 8 months = 80hrs total
Match funding value: 80hrs total x £11.09 = £887.20
Steering group volunteering: 5 volunteers x 1hr x 8 months = 40hrs total.
Match funding value: 40hrs total x 11.09 = £443.60

On the day – volunteering:
Set up team: 3 volunteers x 1.5hrs = 4.5hrs total
Event hosting: 10 volunteers x 4hrs = 40hrs total
Clean-up team: 4 volunteers x 1hr = 4hrs total

Event delivery match funding = 4.5hrs + 40hrs + 4hrs = 48.5hrs Total volunteering time = £537.87

Donation from Local Business Forum = £500 + £500 match fund

Bakers in-kind Donation = 100 x 60p = £60 + £60 match fund

MAXIMUM Match Funding available from Rushey Green Community Projects = £887.20 + £443.60 + £537.87 + £500 + £60 = £2428.67

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